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Modern-day ANC should be ashamed of itself

09 Dec 2019, 23:44 GMT+10

While I am not an ANC supporter I had great respect for the past leaders like Govan Mbeki, Oliver Tambo, Moses Kotane, JB Marks, Walter Sisulu, Helen Joseph and Nelson Mandela (and yes, I know there are thousands more) for their absolute commitment to their beliefs and ideals.

Sadly the modern ANC members have nothing like their moral fibre and are therefore nothing.

As the saying goes, if you stand for nothing, you fall for anything.

They have no ideals that they can use for a standard, they have no commitment to cherishing and building up this beautiful country and they certainly have moved a long way away from the ANC manifesto of a "non-racial, non-sexist and prosperous South Africa".

I would challenge the present parliamentarians as to whether they would sacrifice their family lives, their freedom or their very lives for the ANC as past members have done.

The only sacrifice they would make is to miss the KFC luncheon.

It is due entirely to the present government's corruption, their self-aggrandisement, their self-enrichment and lack of any principles or ethics over the past 10 years that South Africa now faces the harsh economic future that they created.

In 1994 South Africa had a wonderful opportunity to build a nation like no other.

Overseas countries poured money into South Africa, there was a glow of happiness and camaraderie, most everyone was committed to building the rainbow nation - but most of it went for self-enrichment and this continues today.

I don't deny that apartheid was terrible and had to go, but what has replaced it? Selfish elitists who think only of themselves, who think they are royalty, who behave in a most disgusting and unbecoming manner and make a mockery of South Africa overseas.

We continually hear about transfer of wealth and equity but I fail to see this rolling down to the poorer people of South Africa. In fact the poor have become poorer.

Besides the corruption issues, I shudder at the behaviour of our parliamentarians and government representatives.

The women in representative positions, leave me aghast.

I never saw Mrs Tambo conduct herself in an unbecoming manner.

Why can't the women in Parliament try to be an example to our country and conduct themselves like Mrs Tambo or Mrs Graca Machel - always the perfect lady, always professionally dressed, not like some of the peacocks who prance around as if they were at the Oscars.

And as for the men in representative positions, why, oh why can't they be more like our past heroes?

Govan Mbeki, Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo were humble, caring people who put others first - not their bank balances and while I never knew them personally, there was never scandal about their behaviour as is common these days.

I find the behaviour of some of the men who should be our country's examples to be disgusting to say the least.

We don't need "glory boys" or "prima donnas" in Parliament.

We need hard-working dedicated men and women who can stand up for ideals that should be the norm of society and who won't bend with the breeze and happily sell their country to the highest bidder.

Sorry for the ANC but they have lost their ideals, their direction and their backbone.

I think if the past leaders were to rise from their graves now they would weep for their time and effort they wasted trying to win a free country for the benefit of a few fat cats.

For shame on you ANC!

Gail Welman


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